Fonestore FAQs Answered – Things to Know About Buying Pre Owned Tech

If you’ve ever considered buying a Pre Owned iPhone or a Pre Owned iPad, but decided against it, this blog is for you. If you’ve ever thought about saving hundreds of pounds by choosing to purchase your smartphone or tablet from a pre-owned retailer, but were put off by something you’ve heard about them, we’re here to demystify things.

Today we look at some of the questions we get asked the most about the pre owned gadgets that we sell, so that you get to see that it’s not dodgy or shady. You’ll see that it’s just good value and a wise move for anyone who wants the best tech, but doesn’t want to pay top whack for it.

So, if you’re ready, let’s dive in!

“What happens if my pre owned iPhone arrives faulty?”

We make every effort to ensure that this doesn’t happen, but in the unlikely event that your pre owned smartphone arrives faulty, you’ve got 14 days to let us know. If necessary, we’ll get a replacement sorted as quickly as we can.

“Who pays for postage if I have to return my pre owned tablet or phone?”

Should you have a need to send back your pre owned iPhone or tablet, we will cover postage from the address it was delivered to. This applies if it was faulty or you exercise your right to return your device within the first two weeks.

“What happens if my pre owned iPhone develops a warranty fault?”

All Fonestore pre owned tech comes with a 12 month warranty, so the good news is that you’re fully covered during the first year. If this happens, just fill out our online returns form and we’ll get it sorted.

“Am I able to pay for my pre owned phone using PayPal?”

Sure you can. In fact, subject to status, you can even purchase your pre owned tech with PayPal credit that allows you to spread the cost.

“Is it safe to use my credit card details on Fone Store’s website?”

You’re 100% safe to enter your card details onto our site, as we offer fully secure payment encryption via our highly secure SSL certificate. It’s the least our customers should expect.

“How do I know what kind of condition my pre owned device will be in?”

At Fonestore, we use a comprehensive 100-point checking system and then use a grading system that ranges from average to pristine. You get to see this before you buy, so you can be sure of what you’re getting before you’ve spent a single penny.

Try Out Our Pre Owned Tech & See For Yourself

As they say, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” and the only way to see if we mean what we say is to use us and see for yourself. These have just been a selection of the common questions we get asked, but we think we’ve shown you that everything we do is transparent and completely geared to getting you the best low-priced tech around.

If you’d like to know more about us as a company, you can visit us online at, where you will also discover the wide range of pre owned iPads, iPods and Apple Watches that we sell. Alternatively, if you have any questions of your own, you can put them to our team by calling us on 020 7097 1604 and they’ll be delighted to give you the info you need.

Is it Worth Buying a Pre Owned Phone? It is with Fonestore!

If you’re looking to make the switch from your current phone to an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, you will have likely assessed all of your options in an attempt to get the best possible deal. You may then have considered buying a pre owned Samsung Galaxy or smartphone and wondered whether it was a worthwhile purchase.

Well, the answer to that question very much depends on where you buy your Pre Owned iPhone or Samsung Galaxy from, as when you choose the right retailer, there’s no real difference between that and buying new. Read on to find out why buying pre owned is such a wise move.

A Full 12 Month Warranty

What’s important to understand is that ‘pre owned’ doesn’t just mean ‘used’, as it actually equates to a fully-tested, fully-working and warrantied device. Sure, it’s been owned before, but at Fonestore, we offer a full 12 month warranty on all of our pre owned smartphones, meaning that you get exactly the same consumer rights as when buying new directly from Apple themselves.

A 14-Day Cooling Off Period

If you thought that all pre owned smartphone sales where on an ‘as seen’ basis that comes with no cooling off period, you’d be wrong! Every single pre owned iPhone, iPad and tablet that we sell at Fonestore can be returned within 2 weeks of purchase for a full refund with no questions asked. We want to be 100% sure that you’re happy with your new device!

Hundreds of Pounds Off The New Price

Perhaps the most compelling reason to use Fonstore to buy your next smartphone is the fact that you can save hundreds of pounds on the price you pay when buying new. What’s more, we provide a condition guide that lets you know exactly what you’re getting for your money and it becomes pretty evident how great our prices are after just a few minutes on our site.

No Contracts, No Strings

So, you’ve read this far down and you’re still interested. There must be a catch, right? Some kind of contract or tie in for that reduced price? Absolutely not. All we offer are fantastically-priced pre owned iPhones and other mobiles that come with no contract, no tie-ins and absolutely no fine print wording that commits you anything other than owning a great new mobile.

Want to Know More? Come and Check Us Out Online!

So, as you can see, it is definitely worth buying a pre owned phone, as you get the same tech, the same warranty, the same cooling off period and all at a much reduced cost than you’d pay when laying for a new device. At Fonestore, we offer a better, cheaper way that allows you to get your hands on the latest tech for less.

If you’d like to know more about us and what we do, you can visit us at where you’ll discover that it’s not just smartphones that we offer for knock-down prices! Alternatively, if you have any questions about making a purchase or anything else, give our friendly team a call on 020 7097 1604 and they’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Thanks for reading our blog to the end. We hope that you now realise that paying full whack is not necessary, thanks to the wonder that is pre owned smartphones!

How Can I Afford an iPhone 11 Pro When They’re So Expensive?

The fact that iPhones are expensive is not news. In fact, they’ve always been pretty expensive, however, there is a way you can get your hands one for a knock-down price. It doesn’t involve signing a contract and you won’t have to steal it! That’s because a Pre Owned 11 Pro gives you everything that a new one does, apart from the large hole in your bank balance.

Ordinarily, if you want to buy an iPhone 11 Pro, you won’t get much change out of £1,000, but when you opt for the pre owned version, you get all the same features, buying rights and warranty protection, but at a much reduced cost. Have we got your attention? Then we’ll carry on.

Do Pre Owned iPhone 11 Pro Mobiles Come With the Same Features?

Sure they do. A pre owned iPhone 11 Pro is the same in pretty much every sense of the word. The only way that it differs is that it’s been owned by someone previously and after our talented team of engineers have finished with it, it’s fully-tested and ready to go. We even back this up with a 12 month warranty that equals what buyers of new models get.

Could Pre Owned iPhone 11 Pro Mobiles Have Previously Been Stolen?

Absolutely not! We take our integrity and transparency very seriously and we take great care in ensuring that the pre owned iPhone models on our website have a fully-checked past and are not blacklisted for future users. If the history of any given device can’t be confirmed, we just won’t take it, as we want to be 100% sure that we’re operating above board.

What Happens if I Don’t Like My Pre Owned iPhone?

At Fonestore, we adhere to the Distance Selling Act, which means that we offer a 14 day cooling off period, during which you can return your purchased pre owned iPhone 11 Pro to us for a full refund. In this kind of scenario, there is no quibbling and no delay from us, as we want you to be totally sure the device you’ve bought is the device you wanted.

Try a Pre Owned iPhone 11 Pro – We’re Sure You’ll Love It!

So, all things considered, the iPhone 11 Pro is an expensive bit of kit, but it can be a lot, lot lower when you entertain the possibility of buying pre owned. You lose nothing when you choose this route, as Fonestore ensures that you get exactly the same buying experience as when you buy new – minus the eye-watering cost!

So, if you like the sound of getting a high end iPhone like this one for a massively reduced price, why not come and take a look on our website where you’ll find our entire range of discounted pre owned gadgets for sale. You can get in touch too if you have any queries by calling us on 020 7097 1604 today.

We appreciate you taking the time out to read our blog. You never know, doing so could just have saved you several hundred pounds!

Fancy Getting an iPhone 11 Pro Max for Less? Here’s How…

Have you ever looked into how you buy a Pre-Owned iPhone? Well, it’s becoming increasingly popular to choose that route, as there are hundreds of pounds in savings to be had. What’s more, you get all the same customer rights that you do when you buy new, so it’s a true win-win situation.

The fact is that a Pre-Owned iPhone 11 Pro Max has Gorilla Glass like a new one does. It has a Super Retina XDR OLED display like a new iPhone 11 Pro Max and it has triple 12 Megapixel cameras in the same way too. The only thing a used iPhone 11 Pro Max doesn’t come with is a massive price tag, meaning that they’re accessible to more people.

Absolutely No Strings Attached

You might be wondering how we’re able to offer hundreds of pounds off any kind of iPhone 11 Pro Max that’s in good condition. You might be thinking that there’s some kind of catch or strings attached. Well, we can tell you that our pre-owned iPhone 11 Pro Max smartphones come with no hidden charges, no contracts of any kind and absolutely no catches.

Look on any phone-contract retailer’s website and you’ll see that a Pro Max mobile phone contract will cost you £60-£70 per month for at least 2 years, meaning that you’ll pay anywhere between £1400-£1700 pounds over that period for something you could get for a fraction of that cost. It’s too much and it’s not necessary.

We Offer Fully-Warrantied Pre-Owned Tech

When you buy a new iPhone of any kind, you get a 12-month warranty from Apple in case it malfunctions. Contrary to what some people think, you get the same 12-month warranty when you buy a pre-owned iPhone 11 Pro Max from Fonestore too! The same peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re protected in the event of manufacturer’s fault in that time.

That means if you have software issues, speaker problems or anything that’s deemed to be a manufacturer’s issue, you get it fixed free of charge. We believe that this is an assurance that all customers deserve when buying new tech.

We give you a 14 day cooling-off period too, just in case you have any problems adjusting to your new iPhone. Buyers of new iPhones get that when buying online, so we think Fonestore customers should get it as well! It’s just one of the reasons why our customers come back to us time and again.

Why Not Make a Big Saving Today?

So, if you like the sound of a used iPhone 11 Pro Max that comes with all of the customer benefits associated with buying new, but without the hideous cost, why not come and visit us online to find out more? You can find us at, where you’ll also discover that we do all kinds of pre-owned tech that’s available at knock-down prices.

If you can’t decide which great used iPhone to buy or you need any questions answered before you make your purchase, give our friendly team a call on 020 7097 1604 and we’ll do our very best to help in any way we can. Thanks for reading our blog. We hope that it has shown you that you really don’t have to over-pay for the latest tech.

We’ll see you again soon.

Fone Store Keeping You Supplied Through Lockdown

Many of us have got lots more time on our hands than usual because of Covid-19 lockdowns, so we’re relying more than ever on tech to keep us entertained. The great thing is that at Fonestore, we are still open for business as usual, so you can still get access to some of the best priced Pre-Owned iPhones, iPads you’ll find anywhere online.

So, if you’re after a pre-owned iPhone 11 Pro Max or a pre-owned Apple Watch, you can still get one delivered to your door, next day, for free. You get all of the usual buyer protection too, as you get a full 1 year warranty and 14-day no-quibble returns policy, just in case you don’t quite get on with your new gadget. We think you’ll agree, that sounds like a pretty sweet deal!

Premium Quality Pre-owned Smartphones & More

We go to great lengths to ensure that the pre-owned gadgets that we sell through our website are of the highest quality. Our highly-trained tech geeks put every one of the pre-owned iPhones, iPods and smart watches that we supply through a rigorous 100-point checklist. That way nothing gets missed and you get a product that’s ready to go.

We operate a super-transparent condition guide for all of our pre-owned tech too, so that you know exactly what it is you’re buying. Ranging from ‘ACCEPTABLE’ to ‘PRISTINE’, you can see at a glance precisely what condition the pre-owned device you’re purchasing is in, so there are no nasty surprises lurking down the road.

No Contracts, No Tie-ins, No Strings Attached

Another great thing about buying your pre-owned tech from Fonestore is that they come with no contracts and no strings attached whatsoever. You simply buy whichever device takes your fancy, wait for it to arrive the next day and pop your existing SIM card into it. That’s you up and running and enjoying your brand new, powerful smartphone.

We’re an environmentally-friendly company and the work we do has a big impact on where used gadgets end up. Those phones that we can restore to their former glory are sold at the fraction of the price that usually gets charged and those that we can’t are recycled, so nothing at all ends up polluting the ground in landfill! It’s something we’re pleased to be able to do for our customers and the plant.

Why Not Treat Yourself to Some New Tech Today?

So, if you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps because of social restrictions or you’d like some new pre-owned tech to fill those extra hours, why not treat yourself to something from our range. Take a look through our extensive selection at and you might be surprised at just how competitively priced our products are.

Alternatively, if you simply can’t choose from the many great deals we have and you want some assistance in finding your ideal gadget, just call our friendly experts on 020 7097 1604 and we’ll be delighted to direct you to perfect tech for your needs. Thanks for reading, we’ll be back again with more from the home of affordable pre-owned tech next time.

COVID-19 – Changes to Royal Mail parcel deliveries

To ensure that Fone Store and Royal Mail can continue to maintain our usual delivery service expectations by providing the best service possible, Royal Mail have made some changes to their operational policies and practices for parcels that cannot be posted through a letter box following public health advice as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

These changes will affect all orders sent on a Royal Mail 24, 48 and Special Delivery services.

Royal Mail’s postal workers are now practicing social distancing measures with immediate effect, therefore customers will no longer be required to sign for parcels. Instead of physically handing over parcels, postal workers will place parcels on customers’ doorsteps to retrieve at a safe distance and then successfully record the delivery attempt from their personal PDA scanners.

We will continue to work closely with Royal Mail and our other delivery partners to ensure the safety, health and well-being of our employees, members of the public and the communities within which we operate.

Further information on our delivery timescales can be found here.


As a valued customer, we thought it important to let you know that during this unusual time we are very much open for business.

As we’re asked to scale down our interaction with others, we’ve implemented special operating measures in order to continue with our service as best we can and our staff have risen to the challenges presented to us as the situation develops.

Throughout this uncertain period, the level of service we’re able to provide is of course, subject to changes about which you’ll be fully updated as efficiently as possible.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all of our customers. We appreciate your support and understanding during this difficult time.

Finally and most importantly, stay safe and look after each other.

Keep Your Monthly Mobile Costs Down with a Preowned iPhone from Fonestore

There’s no mistaking the fact that running a mobile contract is getting more expensive these days, with the latest smartphones coming attached to deals of £50+ per month. However, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case with preowned iPhones available at Fonestore for significantly less than you’d pay for a new one.

Being able to take advantage of a preowned iPhone enables you to make use of the myriad of SIM-only contracts that are available at a significantly lower monthly price than those with phones attached them. Typically speaking, you’ll pay around ⅓ or ½ the amount when compared to a phone/sim deal with the same quantity of minutes, texts and data.

The Same Customer Rights

When you buy a preowned iPhone, you’ll pay a lot less than you would if you were to buy new, however, that doesn’t mean that you lose any of your consumer rights. Even new iPhones only come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and that’s exactly what you get with preowned iPhones from Fonestore. We offer a full 12-month parts and labour warranty, meaning that if it goes wrong, you’ll get it fixed, completely free of charge.

The Same Cooling Off Period

When you buy online, you don’t get the same ability to see the device you’re buying up close and personal. This means that you don’t truly know if whatever you’re purchasing is exactly what you’re looking for and it’s for this reason that we offer a 14-day cooling-off period on all of our preowned Apple products. We want you to be 100% happy with your device and this time allows you to make sure that you are.

Flexible Payment

We understand that even though our preowned iPhones are available at great prices, you might still want to spread the cost. That’s why we offer the ability to pay via PayPal Credit, which gives you the facility to pay gradually for your preowned iPhone. Of course, it’s subject to status and acceptance by PayPal, but it does offer a way to make buying your new iPhone that much more comfortable.

What Have You Got to Lose?

With a 14 day change-of-mind period, a 12-month warranty and the ability to pay at your own pace, you really have got nothing to lose from choosing Fonestore for your next smartphone. If you decide during the first 14 days that you’re not happy with your preowned iPhone, you can send it back for a full refund, no questions asked.

If you’d like to know more about the preowned tech we have available at Fonestore, please take a look around our website If however, you’d like any questions answering before you make your purchase, give us a call on 020 7097 1604 today and we’ll be able to explain everything you need to know. Thanks for reading. We’ll be back again soon with more advice and guidance from the world of cut-price Apple tech.

Fonestore – The #1 Place For Preowned iPads

In the modern home, there is perhaps no more helpful and well-used item than the tablet, as it offers an intuitive, easy-to-operate interface for shopping, gaming and a whole host of other daily leisure activities. Arguably, the most sought-after and high-performing brand of tablet is the iPad, however, they do come at quite a high price.

At Fonestore, we make this handiest of household gadgets accessible to more people by offering preowned iPads which come with all of the consumer rights and warranties that new ones do. So, whether you’re after a preowned iPad Air, a preowned iPad Mini 4 or a high-performing preowned iPad Pro 2nd generation, we can most certainly help.

Not Sure? Take Advantage of Our 2 Week Cooling Off Period!

If you’ve never bought a second-hand or preowned Apple product before, you’re probably a little bit wary about what you’re buying and we completely understand that. We want you to be entirely happy with your preowned iPad purchase, which is why we provide a 14-day cooling-off period, during which you can fully explore all of your new gadget’s features and functions.

We mean what we say too because if you’re not completely happy with your purchase and you want to return it within the two weeks, we’ll refund you with absolutely no quibbles. You certainly won’t be hit new company loopholes that prevent you from getting your money back!

Same Functions, Same Features, Lower Price!

When you buy a preowned iPad for yourself or your family, you get all of the top functions and amazing features that you’d expect from a new iPhone, without the hefty price tag. Every single preowned iPad Mini, preowned iPad Pro and preowned iPad Air 2 we sell has been fully refurbished and tested to specifications. This is then backed by a 12-month warranty, which is exactly the same peace of mind you get when purchasing a new one.

Come and See For Yourself

We could talk until we’re blue in the face about how great our preowned Apple devices are, but the only real way to see exactly what mean is to sample their quality for yourself. The purchasing process we have put in place has been created to provide you with every opportunity to see the quality of the products we sell whilst providing ample opportunity to return them if you’re not satisfied.

Purchases from Fonestore are tracked and are sent out completely free of charge, with returns also being paid for by us. If you’d like to know more about the services we offer and to see the huge range of preowned iPads, preowned iPods and preowned iPhones we have in store, head over to our website

Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to a member of our expert team, call us now on 020 7097 1604 and we’ll do our very best to answer any queries you might have. Thanks for reading, we’ll be back again soon, so watch out for our next post!

Looking for Affordable Accessories for Your iPhone? Then Come and See What Fonestore Can Offer!

At Fonestore, we’re specialists in pre-owned Apple products, with a huge range of used iPods, iPads and pre-owned iPhones for sale. We help people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford these highly desirable bits of tech to own and enjoy them. You may or may not know all of this already, but did you know, we also stock a range of affordable Apple accessories?

Purchase your Apple accessories from any of the main suppliers and you’ll instantly notice just how expensive they are. At Fonestore, we have everything you need to get the very most of out of your pre-owned Apple device. Let’s take a look at just what we mean.

Pre-owned Apple USB Power Adapter

We’ve all been there – you’ve lost your iPhone charger and need to replace it. Visit Apple or many of the high street stores and you’ll pay around £18-£20 for a new USB power adapter – and that’s just for the plug! Visit Fonestore online and you’ll pay just £4.99 for the same thing. Sure, it’s a pre-owned Apple USB Power Adapter, but that’s a quarter of the price and it does exactly the same thing!

Apple Lightning to USB Cable (1m)

Then there’s the other part to the power adaptor – the cable. A 1-metre cable from Apple will set you back another £18-£20, meaning that you’ll pay around £40 for both! At Fonestore, we offer the same thing for just £9.99, which makes a grand total of £14.98 for the adaptor and the lead. That’s over 65% per cent less.

iPhone Screen Protector

If you want your iPhone to stay protected, you’ll need a screen protector and when you take just a quick look online, you’ll notice that it will set you back about £20, depending on the brand you go for. We offer the same thing for just £4.99, meaning you can protect your pre-owned iPhone’s screen and keep the difference yourself to spend on something different.

We completely understand what an expensive business it can be owning an iPhone and we do our bit to make it that bit more affordable for every one of our customers.

Why Spend More?

We’re proud that we enable our customers to access pre-owned iPhones, pre-owned iPods and pre-owned iPads at a fraction of their usual cost. We back this up with all the customer rights you get when buying new like a 12-month warranty and a 2-week cooling-off period, so we think you should get those same savings when buying your Apple accessories.

With Fonestore, that’s exactly what you do get.

So, why not take a look at our website and see just how much you could save on our massive range of pre-owned Apple products. You might just be surprised about what you find there.

That’s for this time. We’ll be back next time with more from the wonderful world of cut-price Apple tech.