Why Buy From Fone Store?

Some of you may be wondering where to buy second hand phones and how you can minimise the risks associated with buying second hand. Well, we at Fone Store believe that using an online retailer is one of the safest options…

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Peculiar Nokia phones of the past

With some strange and wonderful design ideas for their phones, Nokia have led the way with innovation. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not, but they seem set on challenging traditional ideas so with the new range of Nokia phones set to be…

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iOS Vs Android

Since its introduction back in 2007, Android has come a very long way. It has become popular for companies and consumers alike due to its customisation options and how easy it is to adapt it to what you need from…

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Online Second-hand Tablet Shop

Looking for a great second-hand tablet shop? Want to buy online? Tablet computer sales have recently been taking the bite out of laptops. When Steve Jobs first presented his Apple iPad to the world there may have first been some…

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