Want to Find Out Why So Many People are Turning to Pre-Owned Apple Tech?

As awesome as buying a new iPhone, iPad or iPod is, it does come with a pretty major sting in the tail. That sting is a hefty price tag that can really put a dent in your enjoyment of your new device. And when faced with such a high price tag, it’s easy to see why so many people decide against it and opt for something cheaper.

The good news is that there is another way to obtain high-end tech for less.

 Pre-Owned iPhones

At Fonestore, we offer a wide range of pre-owned iPhones from older models like the pre-owned iPhone 4, right up to the newest variants like the pre-owned iPhone X. Their major selling point, apart from the fact that every pre-owned iPhone we sell is fully tested and restored, is that they’re available at significantly lower prices than when bought new. Each one comes with a full 12-month warranty too, just like you’d get when going for the more expensive route.

Pre-owned iPads

We also do a fantastic range of pre-owned iPads for those of you who love chilling on the sofa and don’t want a cumbersome laptop to contend with. We have options to suit even the most modest of budgets too, with devices like the pre-owned iPad Air 2, as well as top of the line choices like the 12.9 inch pre-owned iPad Pro.

Pre-Owned iPods

If you’re more of a music-lover than a fan of video we can cater for you too, as we’ve got an extensive range of pre-owned iPods. Whether you’re looking for an economy option like an pre-owned iPod Touch 4th Generation or something with a bit more capacity and power like a pre-owned iPod Touch 6th Generation, you get to enjoy the features and functionality without the hideous cost.

Pre-Owned Apple Watches

A modern range of pre-owned Apple products wouldn’t be complete without a selection of pre-owned Apple watches. Despite being relatively new to the market, Apple Watches are proving extremely popular and for a hugely discounted price, you can have one too!

All of the above is also backed by fantastic after-care and a sincere dedication to upholding the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We know that it’s the only way we can expect our customers to keep coming back to us, so it’s an ethos that runs through everything we do.

Want to See More?

If you would like to know more about joining the growing number of people who are choosing the pre-owned option, you should head along to our website www.fonestore.co.uk. There you’ll find a huge of range devices like those we’ve spoken about here today.

We admit that there is a lot to choose from, so if you have any issues finding the right device for you needs, our team is available on 020 3538 8950 during office hours or via email at [email protected] the rest of the time. Thanks for taking the time out to read this blog and remember, the future’s bright, the future’s pre-owned.

Fonestore – The One-Stop-Shop for Pre-Owned iPods

It’s widely known that Fonestore is the perfect place to get your hands on warrantied, high-spec pre-owned iPhones, but did you know that that’s not all we do? As well as offering an extensive range of pre-owned iPads and Apple Watches, we also do a superb line of pre-owned iPods that not only offer everything in terms of quality and buyer protection as new ones do, but are a whole lot easier on the wallet.

iPod Touch 4th Gen

For instance, what about a pre-owned iPod Touch 4th Gen that’s available in both black and white. Featuring a range of sizes of internal storage and both a front and rear facing camera, it’s the perfect device for those who want a reliable way to listen to their favourite tunes. We think you’ll like the price too at just £39.99!

iPod Touch 5th Gen

Or how about a pre-owned iPod Touch 5th Gen with its ability to hold up to 4000 songs and its stylish 4-inch display. This beauty has an impressive battery life of up to 40 hours too, meaning you’re not likely to run out of juice just when you need it. Diminutive yet powerful, this highly-desirable device is available from just £89.99!

iPod Touch 6th Gen

Or you could invest just a little more and get a whole lot more for it by going for a mighty pre-owned iPod Touch 6th Gen with FaceTime, iMessage and a groovy 8-megapixel iSight camera. Powered by the impressive A8 chip and featuring a gorgeous anodised aluminium casing, it’s one that feels as luxurious in your hand as it does in your ears. The price of top tech like this? Just £129.99.

Need More Reasons to Buy From Fonestore?

Well, if the prices weren’t impressive enough on their own, you get the peace of mind of a 14 day ‘no quibble’ return period, a full 12-month warranty and free tracked delivery. We want you to get the best possible tech for your money, as well as a customer experience that reflects the fact that buying pre-owned is every bit as rewarding as buying new, but without the exorbitant cost.

Why not try us out? You’ve got nothing to lose by doing so and if you’re already in the market for any of the iPods mentioned, you’ll be getting the best of both worlds – top quality tech for less.

So, if you’d like to find out more about anything we’ve talked about here or you’d simply like to browse our comprehensive range of pre-owned iPhones, pre-owned iPads, Pre-owned iPods and Pre-owned Apple watches, head over to our website www.fonestore.co.uk and you’ll find out everything you need to know.

If after doing so, you have any questions you want answering, you can speak to our knowledgeable team on 020 3538 8950 from 9 am-5 pm Monday to Saturday. They’re ready and waiting to help guide you to your ideal purchase. Thanks for reading. We’ll see you again next time.

Not Got Enough Cash for a New iPhone AND Holiday Spending Money?

With Winter now a distant memory, it’s time to start preparing for those long-awaited Summer holidays and what better way to celebrate your holiday than by getting yourself a shiny new iPhone to take with you? Unfortunately, what most people find is that their budget doesn’t quite stretch to both holiday spending money AND a new iPhone, meaning that having both is out of the question.

However, there is a way to get the best of both worlds and that’s by going for a pre-owned iPhone. Why? Well, for a start, you’ll pay considerably less for a pre-owned iPhone 8 than you would for a new one and despite what many people think, buying a pre-owned iPhone comes with all of the buying benefits that a new one does.

12 Month Warranty

For a start, every pre-owned iPhone we sell comes with a full 12-month warranty, meaning that if any manufacturer’s fault occurs during that time, you’ll get it fixed for free. We couldn’t do it any other way, because we believed that even when you buy pre-owned Apple products, you should enjoy the same peace of mind as you would buying new.

2-Week Cooling Off Period

Another buying benefit you get when you buy a pre-owned iPhone from Fonestore is a 2 week cooling off period. We want you to be completely happy with your purchase whether you’ve gone for a pre-owned iPhone 8 or a pre-owned iPhone X, so we give you 14 days during which time you can have a good play around with it and make sure you’re happy. Again – it’s the least you should expect as a consumer.

Transparency of Sale

We’re fully transparent about every pre-owned device we sell, including about what condition it is in. If the pre-owned iPhone you’re looking at has a few cosmetic marks on its outer casing, it will be reflected in the condition status it has on our website. We operate a condition rating system that ranges from acceptable to pristine so that you know exactly what you’re getting.

Have Your Cake & Eat it Too!

So, if you’d like to be able to have a great new piece of tech to take on holiday with you and still have plenty of spending money, we’d encourage you to take a look around our website at www.fonestore.co.uk. There you’ll find the full range of pre-owned iPhones, pre-owned iPads, pre-owned iPods and even pre-owned Apple watches. You could say that we’re your pre-owned Apple one stop shop!

If after having looked around, you have some questions you need answering, we’ll be more than happy to have a chat with you. You can get in contact with us by calling 020 3538 8950 between Monday and Saturday 9 am to 5 pm or emailing us at [email protected] outside of opening hours. Thanks for reading. We hope that our blog has shown you that you really can have the best of both worlds!

Spread the Cost of Your Pre-Owned iPhone at Fonestore.co.uk with PayPal Credit

At Fonestore, we provide a fantastic way to get the best and newest tech at the most affordable prices on the market and we do that by tapping into the power of pre-owned. By buying a fully tested pre-owned smartphone, as opposed to one that’s factory new, you get to enjoy all of the benefits without the extremely high cost (anyone who’s bought a new iPhone X Sim Free will know what we’re talking about).

Now, we know that our prices are better than you’ll find anywhere else, but even at the ridiculously low cost that we offer them at, they can still set you back a few hundred quid and we understand that not everyone has that kind of cash just lying around to spend on a pre-owned smartphone. The good news is that there is an alternative way to pay that divides the cost up into much more manageable chunks.

From 6 to 24 Months

When you opt for the PayPal Credit option for your pre-owned iPhone, you can spread the cost over a period of your choosing between 6-24 months. In fact, if you can manage to pay back the full balance for your pre-owned smartphone within 4 months, you won’t pay out any interest at all. That’s right, 0% for 4 whole months!

This means that you can enjoy all the features of your pre-owned iPhone, pre-owned iPad, pre-owned iPod or even pre-owned Apple Watch safe in the knowledge that it won’t leave you with a big hole in your bank account and that you’ll be able to pay it off in a nice, comfortable and controlled way.

Protected Customer Rights

We have backed up our flexible payment options with the same level of consumer protection you’d get when buying a new iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple watch as we offer both a 12-month warranty and a 2-week change of mind period. This means that if your device were to develop a manufacturer’s fault (and every smartphone has that potential to do so, whether new or pre-owned), you can get it fixed for free. It also means that if at any point in the first two weeks, you change your mind about your purchase, you can get your money back, no questions asked.

We don’t think we can say fairer than that!

Come and Find Out More!

If you’d like to find out more about getting a pre-owned smartphone at a great price and spreading that cost over a period to suit you, you can do so by heading over to our website www.fonestore.co.uk. There you’ll discover lots of information and the full list of pre-owned iPhones and other pre-owned Apple tech we have to offer.

If during your visit to our website you have any questions you’d like answering, we encourage you to call us on 020 3538 8950 during business hours (9am-5pm Mon-Sat). Alternatively, you can email us outside of these times to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Pre-Owned, the Affordable Way to Own an iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone 8 Plus is a fantastically powerful device with a 3D touch display, an aluminium frame and a hexa-core CPU making all of its various apps and gizmos work fast. As you would expect, a smartphone like this one doesn’t come cheap when buying new outside of a cellphone contract. In fact, phones like this one are so expensive when bought SIM-free that they’re out of reach of the average person’s budget.

However, what many people don’t realise is that there is another way to buy an iPhone 8 plus and one that won’t leave you with an empty bank account! That route, as the title of this blog would suggest, is by choosing a pre-owned iPhone 8 Plus, which not only comes with all the same features, whistles and bells but also the same customer service and customer rights.

The Same Specifications

A pre-owned iPhone 8 Plus is exactly the same as a new one, with the same hardware and software inside. It just happens to have been owned by someone else before and when you consider that every single pre-owned iPhone on our site is fully tested and restored, you realise that the only thing you don’t get is the hideous cost. Your pre-owned iPhone still has a powerful Apple Graphics card, an iOS 11 operating system and is still waterproof up to a depth of a metre. In that sense, there is no discernible difference…apart from the price.

The Same Buyer Rights

You also get the same customer protection when you buy a pre-owned iPhone 8 Plus from us, as we offer a full 12-month warranty and a two-week cooling period. This means that if within the first two weeks, you don’t like the pre-owned iPhone you’ve purchased, you can return it for a full refund – no questions asked. There are some retailers out there that don’t even offer you that kind of promise when you buy brand new!

We even offer free postage, so if you do end up returning your pre-owned smartphone to us (which we believe is unlikely after you see the quality of our products), the whole process will have cost you nothing, nada, zip!

Want to Find Out More?

If what we’ve talked about here has whetted your appetite for affordable tech and you’d like to find out more about how to get your hands on an iPhone 8 Plus for a fraction of the usual cost, take a look around our website www.fonestore.co.uk. There you’ll find lots of information about the entire purchasing process, as well as details of all the cut-price pre-owned tech we offer.

If after looking through, you have more questions that aren’t answered on our site, you can talk to one of our helpful team on 020 3538 8950 who will more than happy to provide you with the answers you need. Thanks for reading our blog. We’ll be back soon with more tips and advice from the world of affordable Apple products

iPhone 7 Plus – A Wealth of Tech Power in a Sleek Pocket-sized Device

Available in Jet Black, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold, the iPhone 7 Plus is a great example of a powerful, but sleek smartphone. With diminutive dimensions and weighing in at just 188 grams, it’s a device that fits as well in a shirt top pocket as it does in a dress handbag. Its lightweight design isn’t its only useful feature however, as it has a list of impressive specifications as long as your arm.

The iPhone 7 Plus has a gorgeous-looking retina HD display with an oleophobic coating so you won’t be forever cleaning the screen! The super-crisp images it creates are also impressive when viewed from any viewing angle thanks to its clever dual-domain pixels. The iPhone 7 Plus is pretty resilient too, as it’s not only dust resistant, but also IP67 water resistant up to a depth of a meter and for up to 30 minutes.

This amazing smartphone is well served when it comes to processing power too, thanks to the A10 chipset and a pretty awesome graphics card. As was being able to cope with pretty much every app on the market, it’s also possible to take 4K video at 30 frames per second.

Valuable Tech

The thing about tech as impressive as this is that it doesn’t usually come cheap. When not bought as part of a new mobile phone contract or upgrade, a new iPhone 7 Plus can set you back several hundred pounds. So, what do you do if don’t have a mobile phone contract or the money with which to buy one SIM-free?

That’s a good question.

What if we were to tell you that there was a way of getting your hands on an iPhone 7 Plus for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one? Well, that’s exactly what happens when you invest in a pre-owned iPhone 7 Plus that comes along with all of the customer rights that you’d expect when buying new.

We’re talking about a 12-month warranty, a two-week cooling off period and a cost that’s considerably lower than you’ll find anywhere else on the UK market. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not and you can find out exactly what we mean by awesome customer service by trying us out. WIth a 14 day change of mind period to use, what have you got to lose?

Want to Find Out More?

If you’d like to find out more about getting an iPhone 7 Plus for less, then we recommend that you take a look at our website www.fonestore.co.uk. There you’ll discover a wealth of top tech for much less than you’d pay normally, including pre-owned iPads, pre-owned iPods and even pre-owned Apple watches.

If after looking through everything on offer, you’d like some advice or guidance on buying any of our pre-owned devices, call us now on 020 3538 8950 and one of our friendly team will do everything they can to help. Thanks for reading and we look forward to helping to hook you up with top tech for less.

PreOwned iPad Mini 2 – High Performance Tech at an Affordable Price

Measuring 7.8 inches in length by 5.3 inches in width and by a super-slim 0.3 inches in thickness, the Apple iPad Mini 2 is a feature-packed smart tablet that’s been designed to meet the needs of modern people. Working on the iOS 7 operating system and powered by a mighty dual-core 1.3 Gigahertz CPU, there’s not much that this nifty bit of kit can’t handle.

The iPad Mini 2 also has a powerful G6430 quad-core graphics card inside, so whether you’re watching the latest movie on Netflix or getting your Candy Crush fix, you can be sure that you’re not going to be experiencing any lag or buffering. It’s true to say that the iPad Mini 2 is a device that can take care of pretty much anything that’s thrown at it.

All of the Features Without the Cost

What many people don’t realise is that it’s possible to get your hands on this kind of high-performance tech without having to bear the considerable cost. How? Well, by considering a pre-owned tech as an option. For example, a pre-owned iPad Mini 2 comes with all of the same features, apps and hardware as a brand new one would, but without the painful financial outlay.

The Same Customer Experience as New

There is a common misconception out there that when you buy pre-owned tech, you’re getting a substandard product that’s backed by substandard customer service. Well, at Fonestore, this is absolutely not the case, as, in addition to offering fully tested Pre-owned iPads, iPods and iPhones, we also offer a two-week cooling-off period, as well as a 12-month warranty.

We want every one of our customers to have the best possible experience when purchasing from us, which is why we go to great lengths to provide exactly the kind of buying rights and protection afforded to those who decide to buy their tech brand new. Why shouldn’t you have the same experience? We think it’s the least you should expect from us.

Interested in Finding out More?

If you’re interested in getting access to top tech like the iPad Mini 2 for considerably less than you’d expect to pay, we’d love it if you came over and visited us online at www.fonestore.co.uk. There you’ll find details of not only how to get hold of a pre-owned iPad Mini 2, but also how you can get your hands on pre-owned iPhones, pre-owned iPods and even pre-owned Apple watches.

If you have any questions regarding anything you find on our website, don’t hesitate to ask, as we’re a friendly bunch and we only want to help. You can get in contact with us by calling us on 020 3538 8950 between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Saturday or by emailing us at [email protected] outside of office hours. We’ll always try and get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Thanks for reading. Check back with us soon for more from the world of top tech for less.

Not Got an iPad Mini 3 Because You Can’t Afford One? Then you Have to Read this Blog!

A brand new iPad Mini 3 will set you back quite a bit in terms of cash, but you can see why when you look under the hood of this amazing device. Complete with a 7.9 inch retina display, an M7 motion coprocessor and a 5 megapixel iSight camera, there’s pretty much nothing it can’t handle for modern smart device users.

That’s not all it’s got inside either, as its fingerprint ID sensor, FaceTime software, 5 GHz WiFi capability and Bluetooth technology show that whether you’re playing online games, taking family videos or video chatting with your relatives in Australia, you’re not going to have any issues in terms of performance.

High-Quality Pre Owned Tech

Now, the most affordable route to obtaining this kind of premium tech is simple and it involves considering purchasing a Pre-owned iPad Mini 3. Some people avoid going for what they see as ‘used’ or ‘second  hand’, but they are really missing out, as when you go through a reputable pre-owned smart device stockist like ourselves, you get all of the features and customer service without the painful financial outlay.

Peace of Mind

When you buy anything in the United Kingdom, you expect certain rights and levels of customer satisfaction and we believe that the same should be case when buying a pre-owned tablet or pre-owned smartphone. That’s why we offer not only a high level of customer support and aftercare but also a 12-month warranty and 2 weeks, peace of mind guarantee. That means that you have 2 whole weeks to make sure that you’re happy with your device, how it works and what it does.

If, for some reason, you’re not happy with your purchase, then you can have your money back. We won’t give you the hard sell in trying to get you to keep it either, but we may ask you what the issue is, as there may be a chance that we can address whatever it is you’re not happy with.

What Have You Got to Lose?

When you think about it, trying a pre-owned iPad Mini 3, pre-owned iPhone or pre-owned iPod with a two week cooling off period is a win-win situation. Firstly, if it’s exactly what you’re looking for and works smoothly and without issues (which happens in the vast majority of cases), then great, you’ve got some awesome tech for a fraction of the listed price. However, if it turns out that it’s not for you, you can send it back and get your money back.

We can’t say fairer than that can we?

If you’d like to find out more about how you can get your hands on some fully-tested, high-quality, pre-owned tech, head over to our website www.fonestore.co.uk, where you’ll find out exactly what you need to know. If you can’t find the answers to your questions, give our helpful team a call on 020 3538 8950 and we’ll do everything we can to help.

Looking for a Super-Affordable Apple iPad Air? Then You’ve Come to the Right Place!

For sheer home entertainment power, there aren’t many more great looking and fast processing tablets that the Apple iPad Air. With a 5 Megapixel main camera, WiFi and an IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, there’s not much it can’t do. Whether you’re relaxing on the sofa watching Netflix or taking a video of your kid’s school play, the Apple iPad has so many convergent technologies inside that it negates the need for separate cameras, games machines and DVD players – to name but three.

As you would expect, tech like this doesn’t come cheap, meaning that if you’re about to invest in a new iPad Air of your very own, you’ll have to brace yourself for the hit your bank account is about to take. Now, what if we were to tell you that there is another way to get to use all of the lovely features of an Apple iPad without the hideous cost?

Pre Owned is the Way Forwards

That way is by opting for a pre-owned iPad Air. And before you think to yourself “What you’re getting is second hand. It’s not as good!”, buying pre-owned offers a customer experience every bit as good as buying new. Sure, it is has been owned before and there might be some cosmetic imperfections on the outside, but it’s a lot, lot cheaper and if any marks or scratches exist on the device, they’re always sold as such, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

12 Month Warranty

At Fonestore, we back our belief that every one of our pre-owned iPad Airs, pre-owned iPhones and pre-owned iPods work every bit as well as new ones do, with a full 12-month warranty. You even get a 2-week change of mind guarantee, so if for any reason (and we mean any reason) you don’t want to keep your pre-owned iPad Air, you can send it back for a full refund. No question, no quibbling, no bother.

The Big Question

When deciding whether buying either a new or pre-owned iPad Air or smart device, you have to ask yourself whether paying so much more is really worth it. Pre Owned iPad Airs come with all the important features that a new one does and it even feels the same in your hand! Considering buying pre-owned opens you up to a whole new range of affordable tech and with technology advancing fast as it always seems to, paying less each time you upgrade is a welcome prospect.

If you’d like to know more about us and what we do, head over to our website www.fonestore.co.uk and check us out. If after looking through the wealth of information we have there, you have a query you need answering, call us on 020 3538 8950 and one of our friendly experts will be glad to help.

Pre Owned, the future of smart device ownership? We’ll let you decide.

Want an iPhone 6S Plus Without the Eye- watering Cost? Then Try Pre Owned!

The Apple iPhone 6S Plus is a powerful device with all kinds of useful features for modern lives and usually, all of these functions come at quite a considerable cost to the owner. With up to 128 Gigabytes of storage available and a mighty combination of Apple A9 chipset and a dual-core 1.84 GigaHertz, it’s easy to see how this smartphone is able to cope with everything that is thrown at it.

The problem is that when some people think about a Pre-owned iPhone 6S, they think that they are purchasing something that is inferior or somehow not as good as if they bought it new. Some also feel that opting for a pre-owned smartphone is a route that doesn’t come with the consumer rights that new smartphones do, but we’re delighted to be able to say that when you buy from us, neither the product nor the customer experience is anything other than the best available.

A 12 Month Warranty & a 14 Day Cooling Off Period

When you choose to purchase a Pre-owned iPhone 6S Plus from us, you not only get a 12-month warranty but also a 14-day change-of-mind period, so that if you were to receive and not like it for any reason, you’ll get your money back – no questions asked. We want your customer experience to be the very best it can be, which is why we have created our buying experience to be as transparent, smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Our Rating System

When looking through our website, you’ll see a huge selection of pre-owned iPhones, pre-owned iPads and pre-owned iPods and next to each one, you’ll find a condition rating. Ranging from pristine to acceptable, you’ll immediately know what the condition of each device is. We’ve even created a special section on our website that explains each rating in detail, which can be found by following this link http://bit.ly/2GbVOIL.

Same Features, Same Experience

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that when you buy a pre-owned iPhone 6S Plus or other pre-owned smart devices from us, you get the same experience as when buying new. We even offer credit via PayPal, so that you can spread the cost of our already heavily discounted devices.

Of course, this is subject to acceptance, but it’s another illustration of how we’ve made easier than ever to own the newest and best smartphones around.

Come Check Us Out!

So, if you’re in the market for a smartphone, we urge you to consider taking the pre-owned route, because it could result in you saving a whole wad of cash without any impact on your customer rights or satisfaction.

If you would like to know more about anything we’ve talked about here, head over to our website www.fonestore.co.uk, where you’ll find lots of information about what we do. Alternatively, if you would like to talk to one of our friendly experts, call us now on 020 3538 8950 and have all of your queries answered.