Looking for Affordable Accessories for Your iPhone? Then Come and See What Fonestore Can Offer!

At Fonestore, we’re specialists in pre-owned Apple products, with a huge range of used iPods, iPads and pre-owned iPhones for sale. We help people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford these highly desirable bits of tech to own and enjoy them. You may or may not know all of this already, but did you know, we also stock a range of affordable Apple accessories?

Purchase your Apple accessories from any of the main suppliers and you’ll instantly notice just how expensive they are. At Fonestore, we have everything you need to get the very most of out of your pre-owned Apple device. Let’s take a look at just what we mean.

Pre-owned Apple USB Power Adapter

We’ve all been there – you’ve lost your iPhone charger and need to replace it. Visit Apple or many of the high street stores and you’ll pay around £18-£20 for a new USB power adapter – and that’s just for the plug! Visit Fonestore online and you’ll pay just £4.99 for the same thing. Sure, it’s a pre-owned Apple USB Power Adapter, but that’s a quarter of the price and it does exactly the same thing!

Apple Lightning to USB Cable (1m)

Then there’s the other part to the power adaptor – the cable. A 1-metre cable from Apple will set you back another £18-£20, meaning that you’ll pay around £40 for both! At Fonestore, we offer the same thing for just £9.99, which makes a grand total of £14.98 for the adaptor and the lead. That’s over 65% per cent less.

iPhone Screen Protector

If you want your iPhone to stay protected, you’ll need a screen protector and when you take just a quick look online, you’ll notice that it will set you back about £20, depending on the brand you go for. We offer the same thing for just £4.99, meaning you can protect your pre-owned iPhone’s screen and keep the difference yourself to spend on something different.

We completely understand what an expensive business it can be owning an iPhone and we do our bit to make it that bit more affordable for every one of our customers.

Why Spend More?

We’re proud that we enable our customers to access pre-owned iPhones, pre-owned iPods and pre-owned iPads at a fraction of their usual cost. We back this up with all the customer rights you get when buying new like a 12-month warranty and a 2-week cooling-off period, so we think you should get those same savings when buying your Apple accessories.

With Fonestore, that’s exactly what you do get.

So, why not take a look at our website www.fonestore.co.uk and see just how much you could save on our massive range of pre-owned Apple products. You might just be surprised about what you find there.

That’s for this time. We’ll be back next time with more from the wonderful world of cut-price Apple tech.

Paying Through the Nose for Your New iPhone? You Really Don’t Have To!

It can’t have escaped your notice exactly how amazing modern iPhones are these days, with HDR cameras, 3-Core graphics cards and batteries that last for hours and hours. Anyone who owns one will tell you that pretty much the only thing they’re not overjoyed about is the amount of cash they had to part with to get it.

At Fonestore, we are specialists in pre-owned iPhones which offers a much cheaper way to get your hands on the latest devices without having to tie yourself into an expensive monthly contract. We also offer pre-owned iPods, pre-owned iPads and pre-owned Apple watches, which is why we like to call ourselves the pre-owned gadgets marketplace.

All the Benefits of Buying New

Ask the average person about how they would feel about buying a pre-owned iPhone and they’re likely to say that they wouldn’t, as they’re somehow getting a substandard service or product. This perception couldn’t be further from the truth, as when you buy a pre-owned device from Fonestore, you get everything you would if you were buying a new one.

First of all, you get a fully-tested device that’s covered by a 1-year warranty, meaning that if any faults develop, you’re covered. Secondly, you get a 2-week cooling-off period, as we want you to be entirely sure that you’re happy with your pre-owned iPhone. If for any reason at all, you just can’t get on with your new device, you can return it to us with 14 days for a full refund. No quibbles, no stress, no bother.

Huge Savings

The main benefit of buying a pre-owned iPhone from Fonestore is the significant savings you’ll make when compared to buying one brand new. Depending on the model of pre-owned iPhone you go for, you could literally save hundreds and hundreds of pounds. Take a look through our full catalogue of pre-owned Apple iPhones on our website and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

We’re completely transparent about the condition of the pre-owned devices we sell too, as we operate a condition system that ranges from ‘Good’ to ‘Pristine’, so if there is any cosmetic damage to the device, you’ll know all about it before you make any kind of commitment.

Fancy Taking a Look?

So, if you like the idea of getting yourself a pre-owned iPhone that offers all the same functions and enjoyment as a new one, but at a fraction of the price, head over to our website www.fonestore.co.uk, where you’ll find everything you need to know, as well as our full list of amazingly-priced devices.

If you need any more information about what’s involved in buying pre-owned that’s not on our site, you can give us a call on 020 3538 8950 now and a member of our expert team will be able to give you the low-down. Before you commit hundreds of pounds on a new iPhone, come and see what we’ve got to offer. What you find might just blow your mind!

Want to Find Out Why So Many People are Turning to Pre-Owned Apple Tech?

As awesome as buying a new iPhone, iPad or iPod is, it does come with a pretty major sting in the tail. That sting is a hefty price tag that can really put a dent in your enjoyment of your new device. And when faced with such a high price tag, it’s easy to see why so many people decide against it and opt for something cheaper.

The good news is that there is another way to obtain high-end tech for less.

 Pre-Owned iPhones

At Fonestore, we offer a wide range of pre-owned iPhones from older models like the pre-owned iPhone 4, right up to the newest variants like the pre-owned iPhone X. Their major selling point, apart from the fact that every pre-owned iPhone we sell is fully tested and restored, is that they’re available at significantly lower prices than when bought new. Each one comes with a full 12-month warranty too, just like you’d get when going for the more expensive route.

Pre-owned iPads

We also do a fantastic range of pre-owned iPads for those of you who love chilling on the sofa and don’t want a cumbersome laptop to contend with. We have options to suit even the most modest of budgets too, with devices like the pre-owned iPad Air 2, as well as top of the line choices like the 12.9 inch pre-owned iPad Pro.

Pre-Owned iPods

If you’re more of a music-lover than a fan of video we can cater for you too, as we’ve got an extensive range of pre-owned iPods. Whether you’re looking for an economy option like an pre-owned iPod Touch 4th Generation or something with a bit more capacity and power like a pre-owned iPod Touch 6th Generation, you get to enjoy the features and functionality without the hideous cost.

Pre-Owned Apple Watches

A modern range of pre-owned Apple products wouldn’t be complete without a selection of pre-owned Apple watches. Despite being relatively new to the market, Apple Watches are proving extremely popular and for a hugely discounted price, you can have one too!

All of the above is also backed by fantastic after-care and a sincere dedication to upholding the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We know that it’s the only way we can expect our customers to keep coming back to us, so it’s an ethos that runs through everything we do.

Want to See More?

If you would like to know more about joining the growing number of people who are choosing the pre-owned option, you should head along to our website www.fonestore.co.uk. There you’ll find a huge of range devices like those we’ve spoken about here today.

We admit that there is a lot to choose from, so if you have any issues finding the right device for you needs, our team is available on 020 3538 8950 during office hours or via email at [email protected] the rest of the time. Thanks for taking the time out to read this blog and remember, the future’s bright, the future’s pre-owned.

Fonestore – The One-Stop-Shop for Pre-Owned iPods

It’s widely known that Fonestore is the perfect place to get your hands on warrantied, high-spec pre-owned iPhones, but did you know that that’s not all we do? As well as offering an extensive range of pre-owned iPads and Apple Watches, we also do a superb line of pre-owned iPods that not only offer everything in terms of quality and buyer protection as new ones do, but are a whole lot easier on the wallet.

iPod Touch 4th Gen

For instance, what about a pre-owned iPod Touch 4th Gen that’s available in both black and white. Featuring a range of sizes of internal storage and both a front and rear facing camera, it’s the perfect device for those who want a reliable way to listen to their favourite tunes. We think you’ll like the price too at just £39.99!

iPod Touch 5th Gen

Or how about a pre-owned iPod Touch 5th Gen with its ability to hold up to 4000 songs and its stylish 4-inch display. This beauty has an impressive battery life of up to 40 hours too, meaning you’re not likely to run out of juice just when you need it. Diminutive yet powerful, this highly-desirable device is available from just £89.99!

iPod Touch 6th Gen

Or you could invest just a little more and get a whole lot more for it by going for a mighty pre-owned iPod Touch 6th Gen with FaceTime, iMessage and a groovy 8-megapixel iSight camera. Powered by the impressive A8 chip and featuring a gorgeous anodised aluminium casing, it’s one that feels as luxurious in your hand as it does in your ears. The price of top tech like this? Just £129.99.

Need More Reasons to Buy From Fonestore?

Well, if the prices weren’t impressive enough on their own, you get the peace of mind of a 14 day ‘no quibble’ return period, a full 12-month warranty and free tracked delivery. We want you to get the best possible tech for your money, as well as a customer experience that reflects the fact that buying pre-owned is every bit as rewarding as buying new, but without the exorbitant cost.

Why not try us out? You’ve got nothing to lose by doing so and if you’re already in the market for any of the iPods mentioned, you’ll be getting the best of both worlds – top quality tech for less.

So, if you’d like to find out more about anything we’ve talked about here or you’d simply like to browse our comprehensive range of pre-owned iPhones, pre-owned iPads, Pre-owned iPods and Pre-owned Apple watches, head over to our website www.fonestore.co.uk and you’ll find out everything you need to know.

If after doing so, you have any questions you want answering, you can speak to our knowledgeable team on 020 3538 8950 from 9 am-5 pm Monday to Saturday. They’re ready and waiting to help guide you to your ideal purchase. Thanks for reading. We’ll see you again next time.

Looking for an iPod Touch 6th Gen For Less? Then Read on!

The Sixth Generation iPod Touch is a powerful device, perfect for modern music and media lovers leading busy, active lives. Whilst it might look quite a lot like it’s predecessor, the iPod Touch 5th Generation, it couldn’t be much more different on the inside. For starters, this little beauty has an 8 megapixel iSight camera with LED flash and a 1.2 Megapixel front-facing for Facetime purposes.

The iPod Touch 6th Gen’s functions are nice and slick thanks to its powerful 1.1 GHz Dual-Core A8 Processor and in terms of storage, with a choice of between 16 and 128 Gigabytes of flash storage available, you’re going to have room for literally days worth of videos and music inside.

Extremely Popular

It will come as no surprise with this sort of tech on offer that the iPod Touch 6th Generation is an extremely popular device amongst the public. It will probably not surprise you either to find out that a new 6th Generation iPod Touch will set you back a pretty penny, so if you’re going to buy one, expect an new Apple iPod Touch-sized hole (i.e. a big one) in your bank account in the near future.

Want to Pay Less for One?

The good news is that in the form of a pre owned iPod Touch 6th Generation, there is an opportunity to add this amazing tech to your collection for less and it comes with a number of assurances. Choosing to buy a pre loved 6th generation iPod Touch from Fonestore entitles you to a 12 month warranty, a 14 day change of mind guarantee and a promise you’ll save a whole wad of cash into the bargain.

At the end of the day, if you’re getting an iPod Touch 6 that in every sense, offers the same experience as a new one would, with the same buyer privileges that protect you during the entire process, why would you want to pay more?

Want to Find Out More?

If what you’ve read so far has piqued your interest and you’d like to find out more about how to get your hands on a high quality pre owned iPod Touch 6th Generation for a wallet-friendly price, then you should visit us online at www.fonestore.co.uk. There you’ll find details of our entire range of pre owned iPod Touch hardware, pre owned smartphones and pre owned iPads.

You’ll also find details of how you can spread the cost with PayPal Credit and if you need any further advice on choosing the ideal pre owned device for your needs, call our friendly team now on 020 3538 8950 for honest, impartial assistance.

At Fonestore, we believe that everyone should have access to top tech and we are dedicated to offering the best pre owned tech at the best possible prices. Thanks for reading our blog. Check back with us soon for our next installment focusing on the best in pre owned personal communication and entertainment.

Get Your Hands on Top Pre Owned Mobile Tech at Fonestore

Traditionally, getting hold of your very own iPhone or iPad has involved paying out eye-wateringly high sums of money to buy the device outright or by tying yourself into a long mobile phone contract with high monthly payments. This fact has put this kind of mobile tech outside the reach of a lot of people who either can’t afford the several hundred pounds that a sim free iPhone costs or don’t want to be faced with unaffordable monthly payments – and then there’s the issue that some people aren’t able to pass a credit check.

“So, is there a better way to buy your smart mobile tech?”

The good news is that, yes, there is! At Fonestore, we offer pre owned iPads, pre owned iPhones, pre owned smart watches and a variety of other mobile devices with no monthly payments, no credit checks and no huge hole in your bank balance. Our contract-free pre owned options mean that you can get the device you’ve been craving, at a fraction of the original cost.

“But, pre owned means used doesn’t it?”

Technically speaking, yes, our pre owned iPhone 6, pre owned iPod touches and pre owned apple watches have been owned before, but that doesn’t mean that they’re sub-standard, damaged or faulty. Each one is fully tested to specifications and refurbished where necessary, so that you get that new iPhone experience and we back this up with a 12 month warranty for absolute peace of mind.

“There really is no contract?”

That’s right, if you buy one of our pre owned Apple devices, you’ll have no monthly payments whatsoever and it’s yours from day one. That leaves you free to select whichever network and phone package you want, as you won’t find it’s locked in to any of the major providers. Even though you’re paying significantly less than you would otherwise, you’ll not be weighed down by any enforced mobile plans.

At Fonestore the marketplace we provide is the true meaning of a One Stop Shop, as we also provide discounted iPhone accessories, such as headphones, lightning USB cables, screen protectors and power adaptors. We also offer highly secure tracked delivery, so there are no worries about it getting lost in transit!

Come and Check it Out for Yourself

As they say, ‘seeing is believing’, so if you want to witness exactly what we have in store, you should take a look through our website www.fonestore.co.uk. If after looking through, you aren’t sure about which of our range of top mobile tech is right for you, log on to our handy live chat facility on our home page or give us a call on 020 3538 8950. Our friendly team are waiting to help you in any way they can.

So, don’t assume that the iPhone of your dreams is out of your budget and out of your reach until you look at what we can provide. With Fonestore, you could very well be able to get the phone of your dreams without all the usual strings attached.

13 Ways iCloud Can Make Your Life Easier

iCloud- you have heard of it, right? Are you using it on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac? It seems like most people know what iCloud is but they either don’t use it or don’t use it to its full potential. This essential guide aims to let you know 13  best iCloud ways that can make your life easier.

Whether you use an Apple iPhone, iPad, or Mac, there will be an opportunity for you to use iCloud to share information among iOS devices. The iCloud service is almost free, operates wirelessly, and runs in the background, with no special action required by the user. So, if you don’t know much about it or simply you want to know more, make sure you read on!

  • Take Your iOS Device Backup via iCloud Restore

iOS Backup and Restore iCloud enables you to back up your any iOS device online rather than the traditional way of backing up to your Mac or PC. A great plus point of this is that backups can be restored to your iOS device without you having to connect your device to your PC.

  • Create Photo Albums Together

Did you know with the help of iCloud you can create a photo album that authorizes multiple users to contribute to it? To do so, all you need to do is to turn on “iCloud Photo Sharing” under settings App on your Apple device.

  • Use “My Photo Stream” to Manage Photos

My Photo Stream is another feature of iCloud that gives access to iOS users to save the most recent 1000 photo on their Apple devices that enable “My Photo Stream”. It keeps your photos stored on the iCloud server for 30 days. To enable this feature on iPhone or iPad, go to Settings App > Photos & Camera > My Photo Stream.

  • Store Unlimited Photos and Videos on iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library stores your unlimited photos and videos in the iCloud storage and allows you to share photos and videos from your Apple devices. To set up iCloud photo storage, Open Settings App > iCloud (sign in with your Apple ID) > Photos > iCloud Photo Library.

  • Track Your Misplaced iPhone

The significant iCloud feature on an iPhone which makes your life easier is “Find My iPhone”. By enabling this, you can remotely locate your iPhone so if your iPhone is lost or stolen. To turn on the “Find My iPhone” on your iPhone, simply launch the Setting app > iCloud > Find My iPhone.

  • Track Your iTunes Library with iTunes Match

iTunes Match is a paid feature of iCloud, which enables you to scan and match tracks from your iTunes library to tracks in the iTunes store so that they don’t need to be re-purchased on all of your devices. In simple, if there is a track that is in your iTunes library but is not available on iTunes for purchase, by using iTunes Match, you can upload that track to the iCloud server to allow it to be downloaded to other iOS devices.

  • Share Your All Content With Family Members

On the iOS 8 or later devices, you can find the “Family Sharing” feature that lets you share purchased content including books, music, TV shows, and app, along with iCloud Photos, calendars, and locations among a group of 6 family members. To enable this option, head to Settings, tap your Apple Account and then go for “Set Up Family Sharing”. Next, tap on the Get Started and then Continue to set up family sharing.

  • Store and Share Your Photos via iCloud Drive

Yes, you can upload your photos, videos, and files to the iCloud drive and sync them around iOS devices. To set up an iCloud Drive on your iPhone/iPad, launch Settings App > iCloud > iCloud Drive.

  • Keep Your Passwords Saved Through iCloud Keychain

iCloud Keychain helps you store your browser’s account details (ID & passwords), credit card information, and Wi-Fi network connection information and syncs them with all of your approved iOS devices. To Enable iCloud Keychain, just navigate to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > KeyChain. It will ask your iCloud passcode to proceed further.

  • Access Your Data Through iCloud Web Page

By switching On iCloud Sync you can make it possible. iCloud Sync allows you to sync all common data including photos, notes, contacts, calendars, email, and reminders that you can access by simply opening the browser and signing in to www.icloud.com on any device. To set up iCloud Sync, go to Settings > iCloud > Sign In and then choose anything that you want to sync.

  • Back To My Mac

This is another brilliant iCloud feature that allows you to access files from a Mac setup with your Apple ID to any other Mac set up with your Apple ID. For instance, if you have an iMac and a MacBook Pro then you will be able to connect to the files on one from the other not only from a local area network but also anywhere around the world. Additionally, there is also a screen sharing facility that will make you able to remotely connect to the Mac in the same way that Remote Desktop on Windows would let you do this locally, only with the “Back to My Mac” feature you can, again, do this from across the world.

  • Use iCloud Like Dropbox on Your Mac

Yes, it is possible; you can make your iCloud like Dropbox on your Mac for storing any sort of files you want. To do so, all you need to do is to turn on Documents & Data in iCloud System Preferences. Then, launch the Finder Window and then press Command+ Shift+ G. You will see a dialogue box; just type ~/Library there and it will let you access into your hidden library folder that looks like Dropbox.

  • Share Documents Using Apple’s iWork Apps

This option allows you to automatically share your documents including word processing, spreadsheets, or presentations between iOS devices. Not all iWork apps are designed to share data but most apps will have some interaction with iCloud. Such as, iBooks will remember the page you were reading on your device and automatically go to that page when the book is opened on another device.