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It’s widely known that Fonestore is the perfect place to get your hands on warrantied, high-spec pre-owned iPhones, but did you know that that’s not all we do? As well as offering an extensive range of pre-owned iPads and Apple Watches, we also do a superb line of pre-owned iPods that not only offer everything in terms of quality and buyer protection as new ones do, but are a whole lot easier on the wallet.

iPod Touch 4th Gen

For instance, what about a pre-owned iPod Touch 4th Gen that’s available in both black and white. Featuring a range of sizes of internal storage and both a front and rear facing camera, it’s the perfect device for those who want a reliable way to listen to their favourite tunes. We think you’ll like the price too at just £39.99!

iPod Touch 5th Gen

Or how about a pre-owned iPod Touch 5th Gen with its ability to hold up to 4000 songs and its stylish 4-inch display. This beauty has an impressive battery life of up to 40 hours too, meaning you’re not likely to run out of juice just when you need it. Diminutive yet powerful, this highly-desirable device is available from just £89.99!

iPod Touch 6th Gen

Or you could invest just a little more and get a whole lot more for it by going for a mighty pre-owned iPod Touch 6th Gen with FaceTime, iMessage and a groovy 8-megapixel iSight camera. Powered by the impressive A8 chip and featuring a gorgeous anodised aluminium casing, it’s one that feels as luxurious in your hand as it does in your ears. The price of top tech like this? Just £129.99.

Need More Reasons to Buy From Fonestore?

Well, if the prices weren’t impressive enough on their own, you get the peace of mind of a 14 day ‘no quibble’ return period, a full 12-month warranty and free tracked delivery. We want you to get the best possible tech for your money, as well as a customer experience that reflects the fact that buying pre-owned is every bit as rewarding as buying new, but without the exorbitant cost.

Why not try us out? You’ve got nothing to lose by doing so and if you’re already in the market for any of the iPods mentioned, you’ll be getting the best of both worlds – top quality tech for less.

So, if you’d like to find out more about anything we’ve talked about here or you’d simply like to browse our comprehensive range of pre-owned iPhones, pre-owned iPads, Pre-owned iPods and Pre-owned Apple watches, head over to our website and you’ll find out everything you need to know.

If after doing so, you have any questions you want answering, you can speak to our knowledgeable team on 020 3538 8950 from 9 am-5 pm Monday to Saturday. They’re ready and waiting to help guide you to your ideal purchase. Thanks for reading. We’ll see you again next time.

Looking for an iPod Touch 6th Gen For Less? Then Read on!

The Sixth Generation iPod Touch is a powerful device, perfect for modern music and media lovers leading busy, active lives. Whilst it might look quite a lot like it’s predecessor, the iPod Touch 5th Generation, it couldn’t be much more different on the inside. For starters, this little beauty has an 8 megapixel iSight camera with LED flash and a 1.2 Megapixel front-facing for Facetime purposes.

The iPod Touch 6th Gen’s functions are nice and slick thanks to its powerful 1.1 GHz Dual-Core A8 Processor and in terms of storage, with a choice of between 16 and 128 Gigabytes of flash storage available, you’re going to have room for literally days worth of videos and music inside.

Extremely Popular

It will come as no surprise with this sort of tech on offer that the iPod Touch 6th Generation is an extremely popular device amongst the public. It will probably not surprise you either to find out that a new 6th Generation iPod Touch will set you back a pretty penny, so if you’re going to buy one, expect an new Apple iPod Touch-sized hole (i.e. a big one) in your bank account in the near future.

Want to Pay Less for One?

The good news is that in the form of a pre owned iPod Touch 6th Generation, there is an opportunity to add this amazing tech to your collection for less and it comes with a number of assurances. Choosing to buy a pre loved 6th generation iPod Touch from Fonestore entitles you to a 12 month warranty, a 14 day change of mind guarantee and a promise you’ll save a whole wad of cash into the bargain.

At the end of the day, if you’re getting an iPod Touch 6 that in every sense, offers the same experience as a new one would, with the same buyer privileges that protect you during the entire process, why would you want to pay more?

Want to Find Out More?

If what you’ve read so far has piqued your interest and you’d like to find out more about how to get your hands on a high quality pre owned iPod Touch 6th Generation for a wallet-friendly price, then you should visit us online at There you’ll find details of our entire range of pre owned iPod Touch hardware, pre owned smartphones and pre owned iPads.

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At Fonestore, we believe that everyone should have access to top tech and we are dedicated to offering the best pre owned tech at the best possible prices. Thanks for reading our blog. Check back with us soon for our next installment focusing on the best in pre owned personal communication and entertainment.